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      Hirudoid Cream 40g
      Hirudoid Cream 40g
      • Hirudoid Cream for the treatment of bruises, swelling, scars and various inflammatory conditions of the veins.
      • Hirudoid Cream inhibits inflammation, relieves pain and tension in the afflicted area and shortens the duration of the problem. It treats surgical or accidental injuries such as:
      • Haematomas (localized swelling filled with blood resulting from a break in a blood vessel)
      • Contusions (an injury that doesn’t break the skin but results in some discoloration)
      • Bruises – reduces healing time by up to 50%
      • Swelling and inflammation
      • Sprains, strains and other minor injuries
      • Hirudoid Cream treats scars to:
      • Loosen and soften the scar tissue
      • Reduce the redness
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