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            Kinesio Tex Classic Beige 5cmX4m
            Kinesio Tex Classic Beige 5cmX4m

            KINESIO® is the most trusted name in Elastic Muscle Support Taping.

            This amazing elastic body support tape has been designed and engineered by Dr. Kenzo Kase for more than 30 years in Japan. Since then, KINESIO® Tex Classic has become the standard for body support. With its time-tested original wave-patterned adhesive design, KINESIO® Tex Classic offers light, gentle, hypo-allergenic materials that can be used on all skin types.

            KINESIO® continues to provide our famous wave design that has set the standard for Kinesio Taping® practitioners worldwide. From elite athletes and weekend warriors to neurological and pediatric patients, KINESIO® Tex Classic provides users with high quality and consistent results.

            • Hypoallergenic and latex free for all patient populations 
            • Utilizes a high grade cotton for breathability and comfort
            • Provides entry level pricing point which enables all to use authentic Kinesio® Tex
            • Available to both medical care professionals and patients
            RM55.66   51.89   7%
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            Kinesio Tex Classic Black 5cmX4m
            Kinesio Tex Classic Black 5cmX4m

            Tape of cotton, porous, breathable and the same thickness of the skin. 140% elasticity lengthwise.
            Latex-free and hypoallergenic.
            It can be used for 3-4 days.
            The Kinesio Tape gives support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting range of motion. It is a technique based on the body's self-healing process.
            Kinesiotape strip the skin to increase the space between it and the muscles, to reduce the pressure locally makes circulation, lymphatic drainage increase and decrease irritation of subcutaneous nerve receptors.
            As a result the Kinesiotape reduces pain, muscle spasm and inflammation and thus speeds up the natural healing process of the body.

            Cornerstones of Kinesio Taping method
            • Apply tape over and around muscles in order to help and give support or to prevent inordinate.
            • Apply power to the tape or in the treatment area in order to create space under the skin and create the desired effect on the muscles.
            • Produce changes in the deep layers of the fascia by manipulating the skin and muscle.
            • Create space under the skin to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.
            • Use a series of corrective techniques to promote proper function of muscles and joint.
            • Relieve pain to treat the place of pain and origin.
            • Use strips in the form of "I" or changes in the shape of an "X", "Y" or other specialized forms
            • Apply the base of the treadmill stress for traction toward the base.

            This surprising elastic therapeutic tape was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase over 35 years in Japan. Since then, the tape Kinesio Tex® Classic has become the standard for therapeutic and rehabilitative taping.
            • made of a strip of soft cotton fiber
            • adhesive has a 100% medical grade acrylic.
            • Totally free of latex
            • No limits range of motion
            • You can use 3-5 days to cover and save money
            • It creates a lifting effect that improves circulation and relieves pain
            • The tension on the tape has the ability to relax or stimulate the muscles

            RM55.66   51.89   7%
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