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          Proviton 100's FREE 30's
          RM  133.60  113.11  
          Hiruscar Gel 20g
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          Hiruscar Kids 10g
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          Bio-Life Multivit+Mineral 2x100s
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          Efamol EPO 1000mg 2x100's
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          Abbott Surbex-Zinc 2x60s
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          Abbott Surbex Krill Oil 500mg 60s
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          Bio-Life Livasil 100s W/30s
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          Hiruscar Kids 10g
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          DermaVeen Soap Free Wash pH 5.5 500ml
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          Kordels Omega 3 2x120s
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          Kordels Nutri-Time 90's w/30's
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            Philips Avent Natural Bottle (Pink) 4oz/125ml 2's (SCF691/27)
            • 100% Original
            • High quality
            • Sold by Alpro Pharmacy


            RM96.30   82.36   14%
            Out of stock
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            Philips Avent Natural Bottle 4oz/120ml Glass - Single Pack (SCF671/17)
            • 100% Original
            • High quality
            • Sold by Alpro Pharmacy
            RM92.40   78.68   15%
            Stock available
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            Philips Avent Natural Newborn Starter Set (SCD290/01)
            • What is included
            • Feeding Bottle: 4 pcs
            • - 2 x 260ml (9oz) Bottles, each with Slow Flow 2 Holes 1m+ Teats
            • - 2 x 125ml (4oz) Bottles, each with Newborn 1 Hole 0m+ Teats
            • Bottle and teat brush: 1 pc
            • Advanced orthodontic soother: 1 pc
            RM263.00   236.70   10%
            Out of stock
            more info
            Philips Avent Premium Spout Cup - Mix Colur 12/oz/340ml (SCF755/00)
            • Non-spill
            • Ideal first step to a drinking cup
            • Convenient for you and your baby
            • Sold by Alpro Pharmacy
            RM63.60   59.18   7%
            Out of stock
            more info
            Philips Avent Silicone Teats 0m+ 1H 2's
            • Reduces colic
            • Allows air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy
            • Silicone nipple
            • Soft nipple with rounded shape
            RM30.90   23.40   24%
            Stock available
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            Philips Avent Silicone Teats 1m+ 2H 2's
            • Easy latch on due to the unique valve on the nipple
            • Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing
            • Unique anti-colic system
            • BPA free nipple
            • Different flow rate nipples available
            • Compatible with Classic feeding bottle
            • Easier to clean
            RM30.90   23.40   24%
            Stock available
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            Philips Avent Silicone Teats 3m+ Variable 2's
            • With the Philips AVENT Natural variable flow nipple, you can adjust the flow rate by simply turning the bottle. The nipple features an innovative petal design for natural latch on similar to the breast, for easy combining breast and bottle.
            • 3m+ (Slot Cut)
            • 2 pack
            • Natural
            • Variable flow nipple
            RM30.90   23.40   24%
            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby 2 handle Click-it Trainer cup with PP Cover Spout Cup 270ml/9oz

            Color: Randomly Pick

            Brand: Nuby
            - 270ml / 9 oz
            - No Spill design
            - With hygienic cover
            - Soft flex spout
            - BPA free
            - Hear the click to know it is locked
            - For ages +4 month

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby 360 Wonder Cup 300ml/10Oz

            Color: Random Pick

            Suitable for 12+ months
            360° edge allows drinking from any place on the rim
            Seals when child stops drinking
            Helps transition to open cup drinking
            Touch-Flo™ lid allows child to drink from any angle
            No-Spill™, No leaks, No mess!
            BPA Free

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby Nibbler with PP Cover 1s

            Colors Assorted: A random color will be given upon purchase.

            The Nibbler™ is perfect for introducing new foods and textures, like fruit and vegetables, without the risk of choking.

            The Nibbler™ is perfect for introducing new foods and textures, like fruit and vegetables, without the risk of choking. The childproof Squeeze and Twist locking system keeps child safe while enjoying whole foods. Fill with ice or frozen fruits and it’s a perfect teether!

            10+ months
            Perfect for introducing new foods and textures without the risk of choking
            Ideal whole foods (age appropriate) for the Nibbler™ include frozen fruits, fresh fruits, ice chips, veggies, and more
            Squeeze and Twist Locking System keeps child from opening
            Detachable net for easy cleaning
            BPA Free

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby Pinpoint Snack Keeper (1pc)

            Color: Random Pick

            Super soft flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling
            Container holds 9 ounces of dry snacks
            Allows easy access while reducing messy spills
            Colors may vary.
            12 Months + / BPA Free

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby PP Flip It Straw Bottle 320ml

            Color: Randomly Pick

            - Helps to make the transition from bottle to cup easy on baby and parents.
            - Soft silicone straw is gentle on child's tender gums and emerging teeth
            - Only allows liquid through when your child sips, reducing the chances of spills
            - Easy to use flip- it top keep straw sanitary and clean not in use.
            - Recommend for children above 2 years of age.
            - BPA Free

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby Printed & Tinted Style Thin Straw Sports Bottle 360ml

            Color: Random Pick

            The soft silicone spout is uniquely designed to be delicate and gentle to gums and teeth. The cap is specially engineered to prevent drips and spills when the hygienic cover is closed. The cup is made from break-resistant Tritan™ plastic from Eastman.

            Nuby™ Thirsty Kids™ - Active

            Suitable for 18 months +
            12 oz / 360 ml
            Perfect for thirsty kids on the go!
            Hygienic cap keeps straw clean when closed.
            Silicone band for easy gripping.
            No-Spill™ when the cap is closed.
            Made from tough, durable tritan plastic from eastman
            BPA FREE

            Stock available
            Add To Cartmore info
            [WS] Nuby Snack n Sip- Printed Cup with Thin Straw & Snack Cup 270ml

            Color: Random Pick

            Snack & Drink Cup - 2 in 1, Eat and drink from the same container The cup hold 9 ounces of liquid and the top compartment holds 4.5 ounces of snacks.

            No Spill flexible soft silicone straw is designed to prevent spills while being delicate on teeth and gums. Liquid passes through the straw only when your child sips. The straw runs to the bottom of the cup encouraging your child to hold the cup upright.

            The snack cup holds 4.5 oz of dry snacks and the lid seals to keep food fresh and prevents spills. Ideal for travel and kids on the go! Easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe.
            12 Months + / BPA Free

            Colors & prints may vary.

            Size (length*width*height): 12cm x 11cm x 26cm

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS] Nuby Wacky Ware Combo Set- PP Suction Bowl, Fork & Spoon

            Color: Random Pick

            The Wacky Ware Feeding Set is available in a variety of fun colors so you can mix and match to create your own stylish combinations.

            They are made from break resistant plastics, they are dishwasher/microwave safe and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

            This set comes with our stylish Wacky Ware spoon and fork.

            Out of stock
            more info
            [WS]Nuby 2 Handle Click-It Trainer Cup w/Weighted Straw & Flip It Top Thin Straw

            Color: Random Pick

            The No-Spill™ GripN’Sip™ is uniquely engineered with Easy Grip™ handles that are sized to fit your child's grasp. Engineered to make feeding and handling easier, the No-Spill™ Cup is perfect for beginners. You will be delighted with the transition thanks to Nûby's valveless, leak resistant design.

            240ml/ 8Oz
            Flexi Straw
            Twin Handle
            Variable Flow
            Easy Grip
            Random Colours

            Out of stock
            more info

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