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          Creobic Gold Cream 20g
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          Proviton 100's FREE 30's
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          Hiruscar Gel 20g
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          Hiruscar Kids 10g
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          Bio-Life Multivit+Mineral 2x100s
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          Efamol EPO 1000mg 2x100's
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          Bio-Life Epo 1000mg 3x100s
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          Abbott Surbex-Zinc 2x60s
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          Abbott Surbex Fish Oil Plus 3x60s
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          Abbott Surbex Coq10 60s
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          Abbott Surbex Krill Oil 500mg 60s
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          Abbott Surbex Soylife 150mg 60's
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          Accu-Chek Instant S Strips
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          Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets 100s
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          Accu-Chek Fastclix 102's
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          Bio-Life Livasil 100s W/30s
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          Hiruscar Kids 10g
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          DermaVeen Soap Free Wash pH 5.5 500ml
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          Kordels Omega 3 2x120s
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          Kordels Nutri-Time 90's w/30's
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          Skinlabs Therapy Oil 100ml
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            Aloclair Spray 15ml - Twin Pack


            • Mouth Ulcer, 
            • Sore Throat
            • Throat Ulcers
            • Ulcers due to hand/foot / mouth disease
            RM64.00   55.56   13%
            Stock available
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            Dentepro Fluoride Free Toothpaste (120g)
            RM18.80   14.90   21%
            Stock available
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            Listerine Fresh Burst 750ml

            Get refreshed with this cool, invigorating flavour. It works like all the other variants to kill the germs that cause tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath

            RM22.83   20.75   9%
            Stock available
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            Listerine Teeth & Gum Defence 750ml

            Just 30 seconds of rinsing, twice a day. That’s all it takes when you use LISTERINE® Teeth & Gum Defence Mouthwash to get a boldly clean mouth. It’s specially formulated to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against decay. It’s also proven to prevent and reduce plaque – a major cause of gum disease – providing protection for healthy teeth & gums.

            Used twice a day LISTERINE® Teeth & Gum Defence is proven to:
            1. Kill germs
            Kills up to 97% of germs left behind after brushing
            2. Reduce plaque
            Reduces plaque by up to 56% more than brushing alone
            3. Keep your breath fresh
            Provides lasting fresh breath confidence
            4. Maintain healthy gums
            Kills germs above and below the gum line to keep gums healthy
            5. Strengthen teeth
            Strengthens tooth enamel to protect against decay

            RM24.72   22.36   10%
            Stock available
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            Oradex Everyday Mounth Rinse 750ml – Twin Pack
            • high quality
            • 100% original
            • Sold By Alpro Pharmacy
            RM47.80   40.90   14%
            Stock available
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            Oral Aid Gel Strawberry (15g)
            • A pain relieving gel which also reduces inflammation
            • Helps fight infection in teething, mouth ulcer, denture sore spot and
            • Cold sores.
            RM28.00   22.84   18%
            Stock available
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            Oral7 Moisturizing Mouthwash 500ml
            RM81.80   73.60   10%
            Stock available
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            Polident Denture Adhensive Cream 20g
            RM9.05   8.60   5%
            Stock available
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            Polident Flavour Free (20g)
            RM9.05   8.60   5%
            Stock available
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            [WS] Sensodyne® Fresh Mint (100g x 2) [Triple pack] FOC Tumbler

            Total 6 tubes

            Formulated to relieve sensitive teeth pain, Sensodyne® Fresh Mint toothpaste builds a barrier against triggers caused by hot, cold or sweets. Learn more today.

            • Sensitivity relief
            • Lasting sensitivity protection
            • Cavity protection
            • Fresh mint taste

            Out of stock
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