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    Economy Pack : Powerlife Activ Omega 3 Softgel 60s x 6

    Economy Pack : Powerlife Activ Omega 3 Softgel 60s x 6

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    Brand: Powerlife
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    Alpro One Click , a platform that selling only the Genuine products. Alpro's mission is to provide opportunities, health and guidance to anyone striving for a better life. We promise to provide professional services and to become a disease prevention and health improvement center.

    Power life Activ Omega-3 Softgel, for the new-gen Omega-3

    Do you take enough of Omega-3?

    Formed by Natural-Marine Triglycerides, the Activ Omega-3 Forte brings you the new-gen Omega-3 softgel with better absorption yet with no side effect. The cold pressed and imported (UK) new-gen Omega-3 softgel is free from harmful pollutant thanks to PureMaxTM technology. With consumption of the new-Gen Activ Omega-3, you will enjoy a better absorption by 60%, but with higher Total Omega 3 PUFA concentration (Omega-3 : 600mg in each 1000mg Softgel )! Try on the new-Gen Activ Omega-3, bringing health to you at the fingertip."

    Good to know:

    Omega-3 are essential fatty acids necessary for health, however human body can’t produce Omega-3. Studies also show

    that Fish Oil is one of the world’s best known source of Omega-3.

    What makes Power life Activ Omega-3 Softgel different?


    Natural Marine Triglycerides

    Actisof Fomulation

    Pureness Omega-3 Source

    Pharmaceutical Grade Quality

    Unlike most Omega-3 found in market which is in Ethyl Ester(EE) Form, Power life Activ Omega-3 Softgelis in a Natural

    Marine Triglyceride form which is more bio-available (approximately by 20%-50%).

    Pre-emulsification (ActisofTM Formulation) improves Omga- absorption (faster & better) by 60% .

    Powerlife Omega-3 are derived from small fish body oil (anchovies & sardines)

    Powerlife Omega-3 are Cold pressed and imported from UK. (PhEur & GOED Monograph compliant)


    Molecular Distillation

    Non Ethyl Ester Omega 3

    No Artificial Coloring & Flavoring

    Vitamin E as Antioxidant

    PureMaxTM technology (molecular distillation-concentration process under low temperature) is applied to deliver pure and pharmaceutical grade Omega-3, which free Powerlife Activ Omega-3 Forte from harmful pollutants such as heavy metal, dioxin, furans, PCBs etc.

    Omega-3 fish oils in EE Form is unstable and oxidize easily comparing to Natural Marine Triglycerides (Powerlife Omega-3)

    No side effects like burping, stomach upset, flu like symptoms, change in sense of taste, back pain and skin rash as reported in EEs fish oils.

    No artificial coloring & flavoring. Enrished with natural Vitamin E and Packed in Amber Glass Bottle for maximum protection from oxidation.


    High Omega-3 Concerntration

    Provide Balances DHA & EPA

    Small & Easy to swallow capsule


    High concentration that makes a reduced size softgel.

    Each 1000mg softgel contain 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA (600mg Omega-3).

    HALAL approved for Omega-3 source and Gelatin used.

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