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Phyto Guard Plus 12g Pack of 15

Phyto Guard Plus 12g Pack of 15

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Weight: 260 grams
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Brand: Phyto
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Product description:

  • Gastro-intestinal Health
  • Weight Management
  • Plants & Fruits Fibre
  • With Senna Leaf
  • No artificial additive
  • 100% chemical Free

Phyto Guard +

Your choice for Gastro-intestinal Health & Weight Management

Phyto Guard made of 100% chemical free with no artificial additive ingredients, which helps to improve gastro-intestinal health and aids in weight management with a balance combination of phyto-nutrients, fruits extract, dietary fibres and laxative. 

What’s in Phyto Guard + and how do they benefit us?

Dietary Fibre

Oat Bran Fibre Soluble fibre which absorbs water, forming gel that create feeling of fullness
Helps to slow down sugar & fat absorption

Psyllium Husk Indigestible form of fibre that Improve mechanical bowel movementRelieves constipation and diarrhea in natural way
Lowering of cholesterol level


Senna Leaf Laxative which gently stimulate bowel movement by increase the peristaltic activity

Fruits Extract
Apple Extract Boosting up metabolisms and fats burningSuppress appetite 

Pineapple Extract Activate the process of splitting fatsIntensify excretion of fats from body

Alfafa Chlorophyll Extract Helps purify and cleanse intestinal tract
Ease bowel movement 

Aloe Vera Extract Help maintains healthy intestinal bacteriaAids the healthy functioning of gut and improve immune system 

Spirulina Low glycemic index (GI) which help to reduce food cravingPromote digestion and bowel functionStimulate beneficial bacteria in gut such as Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium

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