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Powerlife Mecozin ALA Plus 30s -Triple Pack

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Powerlife Mecozin ALA Plus 30s -Triple Pack

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Product description:

Powerlife Mecozin ALA plus is an advanced neuropathy support formula featuring the combination of Alpha lipoic acid, methylcobalamin, and other vitamin B complex designed to repair and support healthy nervous system function. 


Alpha-lipoic acid is found in every single cell, where it helps to turn glucose into energy. It is a strong antioxidant in our body which it able to neutralize the harmful chemicals known as free radicals, that cause damage to cells in every part of our body.

Unlike other antioxidants that work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E),

Alpha-lipoic acid is both fat and water soluble which means that it can work throughout the body. 


Additionally, when antioxidants in the body are used up to neutralize the free radicals, alpha-lipoic acid 

may help to regenerate these antioxidants and being active again.

Clinical studies suggest that alpha-lipoic acid helps in lowering blood sugar levels and also reducing damage in nervous system. Its ability to kill free radicals may help people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which has pain, burning, itching, tingling, and numbness in arms and legs from nerve 



Researchers also found that Alpha-lipoic acid helps in improving insulin sensitivity. That is why, Alpha-lipoic acid has been used for years to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy in Germany. 


With the combination of B complex vitamins, it works synergistically with ALA to improve the nerve health.  


B complex vitamins are important for various functions of the human body. Energy production, body defense mechanisms, or red blood cell formation, moreover, B group vitamins play a vital roles and carry on the functions especially nervous system.


B1 (thiamine), the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, thiamin facilitates the conduction of nerve impulses through your peripheral nerves. Thiamin is also instrumental in producing myelin, which is the protective coating that insulates your nerves.


B5(Panthotenic Acid) plays an important role in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates for energy, B6(Pyridoxine)helps the body make several neurotransmitters, chemicals that carry signals from one nerve cell to another. It is the indispensable element that needed for brain development and function. 

B8(inositol)  is involved in the transmission of messages between neural cells. It’s most important role seems to be in the central nervous system, where it serves to help in transmitting messages along neural pathways. 


B9(folic Acid) Folic acid is crucial for proper brain function as it plays an important role in mental and emotional health.


B12(Methylcobalamine) is the active form of vitamin B12 as compare to commercial market. Vitamin B12 is an especially important vitamin for maintaining healthy nerve cells, it plays an important role in the maintenance of the sheaths, an element that function to cover and protect the nerves of the central and the peripheral nervous system, ensuring proper and fast nerve-impulse transmission

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